The Collaboratory is dedicated to meeting the needs of Jewish educators and improving Jewish educational experiences and outcomes.



When a great collaboration creates a learning laboratory, it becomes a Collaboratory. The Collaboratory designs, grows, and elevates the field of Jewish education.

In February 2024, the George Washington University's Graduate School of Education and Human Development (GSEHD) launched The Collaboratory: A Center for Jewish Education. Housed at a leading university in the heart of the nation’s capital, this center unites the expertise of Jewish Education scholars and practitioners from established academic, research, and public engagement programs on campus.

Through collaboration, pooled resources, and a shared vision, The Collaboratory will enhance an already robust network of partnerships and assets to to further advance the field of Jewish education and address modern challenges faced by the global Jewish community. 

The Collaboratory incubates innovative ideas, identifies and investigates critical issues, generates scholarship, and nurtures the development of professionals and leaders. All of the Collaboratory’s programs are oriented toward elevating the field and bringing research and learning opportunities to educators and professionals.

Join us in our laboratory, where educators and leaders can experiment, explore, and ultimately shape the future of Jewish education.

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Meet Our Collaborators

The Collaboratory brings together three well-established assets at GW:

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Research Branch:

CASJE (Collaborative for Applied Studies in Jewish Education)

CASJE is an evolving community of researchers, practitioners, and philanthropic leaders dedicated to improving the quality of knowledge that can be used to guide the work of Jewish education.


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Public Engagement Branch:

Mayberg Center for Jewish Education and Leadership

The Mayberg Center advances community based scholarship in the field of leadership and professional development for the Jewish community and beyond. Academics and practitioners come together to tackle challenging, contemporary issues.

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Academic Branch:

Educational Degree Programs

GSEHD offers graduate level programs in Experiential Jewish Education, designed to prepare professionals for education roles in non-school settings, and Israel Education, a partnership with the iCenter focused on preparing educators for a wide variety of professional contexts.

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